music producer, DJ, sound-designer & mastering engineer /// obsessive eclectic

How the drums pound!

Experienced Producer & DJ for versatile Electro - be it club-orientated or experimental - specialist for UK Bass & Breaks, Dubstep and D’n’B, tweakhead and sound-designer, demanded mastering-engineeer and liveact: Bob Humid is an obscessive eclectic with a fever for details and british electronic beats. His musical openness and birth name Robert Edwin Feuchtl Mato is a hidden clue to his exotical origin Montevideo, this mythical city somewhere in South-America.



Being born in Uruguay, he grew up in Germany for most of the time. He has organised and co-organised many activities in Cologne’s electronic music underground including “Mos Eisley” (with DJ Tetsuo), “Twist’n’Shout” (with Uh-Young Kim), “Is It Now?”, “Radical Love Area”, “Vectrax” (with Telekolleck), “Propellor Knights”, “Lights! Lights!” and “BASScadets” (with Snork and Dan_K). He has also managed two record labels named Bored Beyond Belief (1995–along with Wolfgang Schreck from Big Noise fame) and Serve & Destroy Recordings, the latter being his own label platform. Currently he is running his own monthly “Ehrenfeld Calling” featuring both breakbeat and techno-orientated music.


To boldly serve & destroy …

Bob Humid was also the technological editor for the German GROOVE Magazine for almost six years. He gained reputation in the german KEYBOARDS/ Sound & Recording Magazine where he worked as a technological author as well. Along testing studio and DJ gear he is a producer with a strong affinity for detail. Over the years he has gained a growing reputation as a dedicated mastering engineer for countless electronic imprints like Ware Rec., Rhythmetic, Subsynergy, Shhhh Records, Vertikal, ZickZack, Sharivari, Aurélié, Malatoid and many more… His work also includes sound design for various companies such as Native Instruments (Synthetic Drums, Maschine), Magix (Samplitude, Sequoia) and U-He (Satin). His more recent works are productions for the highly acclaimed Leipzig-based band Brockdorff Klang Labor for whom he produced half of the tracks of the album “Die Fälschung der Welt”, along with one of germanies most known producers for alternative music, Tobias Levin.

Over the time, Bob Humid has worked, produced, and remixed with / for such people and groups as: twila.too, Carla Subito (Fetisch Park), Holger Czukay (Can), Fabian Stall (Zero Cash), Oliver Twist Kooperationen, Brockdorff Klanglabor, Igor Sirodzha, Daniel Myer (Dots And Dashes, Haujobb), Bernhard Deissler (Videos), Alexander Gerdes, Numinos, Coloma, Mathew Mercer, Carlsbop, Der Liederkranz, Si Begg, Decomposed Subsonic (aka Valour), Uh-Young Kim, Telekolleck (Britis©he Botschaft), Peter Licht, Djamel Laroussi and Mathias Schaffhäuser (Ware Records).

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