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Remember my remix for Si Begg’s tribal soundtrack-peace “Fight To The Death” from the Sci-Fi-Movie “Ufo”? Here’s a live-performed variation from my actual tour-set.. Play it loud!


hold your fkkn pants on the 26th of july 2014 from 24:00h to 06:00 (berlin time) - when they will be airing my new music-video as a world-premiere on #lsb_TV / alex berlin. take a glimpse into my while I performs my gritty remix of si begg’s “fight to the death” live & in full-effect on a yamaha rs7000… 

… and then there are our beloved NHAWKS with their newest shizzle that we had the honour of mastering last week. “OLYMPIA 2012 / OKCUPID” is an equally challenging, haunting, rousing and beautiful musical oeuvre that pumps out a milliion liters of empathic blood and emotions that will strengthen your heart-muscle. Best medecine available. That is, if you find out what needs to be cured… 

Bang your head at this. Mixed live at Underground Cologne on our monthly EHRENFELD CALLING starting with some timeless and deep D’n’B-tunes from the Certificate 18 back-catalogue going further into the postmodern fields of meaty Dubstep-Bangerisms… 

No Fillers, all Killers. /.-) 

photography by Miroslaw Majewsky

EHRENFELD CALLING - 03 07 2014 - JULYBOOM mixed by BOB HUMID [D’n’B 2 Dubstep] by Bob Humid on Mixcloud


3rd of July is approaching. This time we have invited VELARO from the spikey OVERDOSE-possee to represent Dr. OGNI JACQUARD who is currently touring. You know the score: TRAP, DUBSTEP, TECHNO, DEEP HOUSE, BASS, DNB & ELECTROFUNK-flaves of the finest kind. Be there or be squareheaded….

themed by coryjohnny for tumblr