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Beyond The Telekinetic Dinnertable [Considerations Of Higher Dimensions] - Liquid Sky Radio 060614 by Bob Humid on Mixcloud

People Of The Earth. This is the upload of my live-DJ-mix for the infamous Liquid Sky Radioshow “Telepathic Bubblebath” named “Beyond The Telekinetic Dinner Table (Considerations Of Higher Dimensions)” which was aired on 6th of june in 2014 on LSB_TV / alex-TV / 88vier. It has finally reached #1 in the Breakbeat chart, #2 in the Psychedelic chart, 7 in the Eclectic chart and #28 in the Electronic chart. Tune-In, Drop Out, Stay loud. 


The whole show has feautured a phalanx of talented artists: Paul Heimweh, Sheldon Drake, Khan & Walker where there as well! You can find the other parts if you dial-in here:—-news…

DISKO MECHANIK [@Ilses Erika / Leipzig] - Bob Humid’s DJ-Set 08/08/2014 by Bob Humid on Mixcloud

This happens when your host KLANG SERGEJ finishes his set at 140 BPM on a hit-infected crowd! I had no choice but hammering out some freakyness from the likes of Patric Catani, Otto von Schirach, Cottonmouth etc. … /.-) 

DISKO MECHANIK is a regular electronic allnighter which usally features Synthpop and Electropop - or generally electronic dance-music from the last 30 years - at Ilses Erika, one of the nicest locations in Leipzig, Germany.

Saturday-night stuff! /.-) A blend from farvela-house to fidget, tech house, techno and electrofunk. Captured live at EHRENFELD CALLING on the 4th of september 2014. Mixed by Bob Humid. The name of this mix is a loose asociation with the fact that I had a heavy bronchitis while I was spinning. It surely had some infliuence on the mix…

Perseverance! - BOB HUMID’s DJ-Set II from EHRENFELD CALLING on the 4th SEP 2014 by Bob Humid on Mixcloud

Gold is the metal in September. Follow the link for the line-up and briefing…

Here we come. I’ll make this short, since we are too busy with preparing shizzle. First: I’ll perform a small lievset at the infamous ILSES ERIKA on friday and join forces with Donis & Klang Sergey from DISKO MECHANIK (starts 23h), follow the link for details. Additonally CLAIRE LAMPION and myself will be performing live (with visuals) at the annuary ELECTRONIC ATTACK internal possee party. The latter one is a private party in an off-location, please p.m. if you want to join us.

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